The only manufacturer in Romania

OUR MISSIONSMART solutions for closing packages

The aesthetics of product packaging has now become vital in the decision of each of us to buy. Therefore, we believe that closed packaging with the help of Clipband gives products an added value and image.


A company that sets its development goal, will have a secure future and will be able to convey confidence to its partners. Starting from this belief of ours, for 4 years we invested energy, passion and financial resources, thus managing to obtain Clipband – the first Nova Pan branded product. We are proud of the fact that our investment is the only one in Romania.

Efficient and elegant Packing.

The strong argument of our company is quality. Each batch is carefully checked from a qualitative point of view and tested by sampling on our clipping machines, respecting the traceability norms of the raw material and the finished product.

So far we have produced over 120.000 km, being able to circle the earth around equator three times.

We aim to offer the most complete packaging solutions to our customers. In this sense, we also provide equipment / industrial lines for efficient packaging of products in various fields.
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About UsEvery member of our team has an important role to play

The story of NOVA PAN began in 2001. Over the years, we have gained experience, invested and innovated constantly.

Currently, Nova Pan Group comprises several divisions specializing in the sale of equipment and spare parts, ustensils and accessories for confectioneries, bakeries, technical support services, integration of industrial lines, and Clipband production. Thus, in the over 20 years of activity, we have collaborated with over 1.300 companies in the fields of milling, bakery, pastry and confectionery.

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Mihai Todor

Sales manager

Petra Pal

Sales representative

Ionuț Panait

Technical Director

Laura Iancu

Head of Procurement and Logistics Office
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    Nova Pan Group oferă soluții profesionale în domeniile morărit, panificație, cofetărie, patiserie, ciocolaterie și gelaterie. Din 2001.

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    Echipamente pentru morărit, panificație, patiserie, cofetărie, ciocolaterie, gelaterie.

    Magazin cu peste 10.000 de articole (accesorii, ustensile si materii prime) pentru brutarii, patiserii, cofetarii, ciocolaterii, gelaterii.

    Soluții pentru închiderea ambalajelor. Unic producător în România.

    Echipamente diverse și linii destinate prelucrării ouălor.

    Reductoare și motoreductoare pentru orice domeniu de activitate.

    Sursă de informare pentru brutari, patiseri, cofetari, ciocolatieri, gelatieri.

    Soluția optimã pentru creșterea duratei de viață a divizoarelor și lamelor de feliere.

    Soluționarea promptă și eficientă pentru Service, Montaje, Piese de Schimb sau Consumabile.