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Did-you-know?Packaging of tea, coffee and other specialties

July 22, 2021

Clipband currently represents in Romania, a solution for packaging bakery and pastry products.

However, it can be a SMART solution for closing packaging for tea, coffee, dried fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, spices, sugar, powders.

Recommendations on the packaging of various specialties

In the field of sealing the packaging of tea, coffee, fruits, vegetables and dried flowers, nuts, seeds, spices, sugar, powders and other specialties it is recommended to use the pre-cut clipband, 0.6 mm tape, available in boxes of 500 pieces, recommended for closing lightweight packaging or for lighter packaging. The clipband is reusable and has a resistance to a minimum of 9 closures / openings.

In this case, the clipband can be between 11 and 15 cm long (can be delivered to order and other lengths) and can be used after the first opening. The pre-cut clip for closing packaging is made of plastic – polypropylene and is reinforced on the edges with two metal inserts.

The advantages of clipband packaging

Among the advantages of using Clipband tapes are the firm closure due to the insertion of the double wire, but also the preservation of the aroma and freshness of the products that require frequent closing / opening.

The clipband is available in a variety of colors to highlight the range of products packaged with it: white, yellow, red, blue, green, gold, silver, transparent.

Clipband production does not have high production costs, which leads to an insignificant cost per closure, resulting in an efficient solution for packaging with clipband of a diverse range of products.

SMART solution for bread packaging

Novapan has an important share of customers in Romania. But we also have clients from Europe, USA, Australia, Egypt, Georgia, etc., having the possibility to deliver clipband worldwide.

Clipband is a registered trademark of Nova Pan Brașov and is the only manufacturer in Romania. It is a product that offers safety, efficiency and elegance of packaging, preservation and protection of food in hygienic-sanitary conditions.

The clipband is produced on a modern and high-performance production line. The raw material used is carefully selected. Each batch of clipband is checked and inspected in terms of quality, but also tested, by sampling, by the clipping machines, respecting the traceability rules of the raw material and the finished product.

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